Table 3.

Clinical features of hepatitis-negative patients with MPGN and lymphoproliferative disorders or MM

PatientAge (years)GenderBP (mmHg)SCr (mg/dl)Proteinuria (g/24 h)CrCl (ml/min)SPEPSIFEUPEPUIFECryoκ FLC, λ FLC, κ/λ RatioClinical Diagnosis
1768F174/791.54.544HypoIgG and IgM λNegativeIgG λNegative1.86, 1.81, 1.03LGBCL
1843F155/932.24.836Abnormal fractionIgG λM spikeλND0.670, 63.400, 0.010MM
1970M5.65.36NegativeIgM κ and IgM λNegativeNegativeNegativeNDCLL
2082M156/881.910.244Abnormal fractionIgM κ and IgG λNDIgG λNegative4.53, 2.56, 1.77LGBCL
2175M150/602.44.08425Abnormal fractionIgM and IgG κNDIgG κType I (IgG κ)5.21, 1.73, 3.01CLL
2233F112/801.70.31135NegativeNegativeNegativeIgG κND45.30, 2.64, 17.20MM
2363M111/671.35.21632M spikeMonoclonal IgG κM spikeIgG κND12.80, 17.40, 0.74MM
2471M130/701.51.81540M spikeMonoclonal IgM κNegativeκNegative16.70, 0.89, 18.80LPL
2554M130/781.58.252M spikeMonoclonal IgG κM spikeIgG κNegative157.00, 1.61, 97.50MM
2677F155/811.38.342HypoMonoclonal IgM κNegativeIgM κType IINDLGBCL
2760M145/872.32.931M spikeMonoclonal IgG λNegativeIgG λNegative3.17, 5.55, 0.57MM
2861F121/592.23.124HypoMonoclonal IgG κNegativeNegativeNegative1.46, 1.10, 1.33MM
  • CrCl, creatinine clearance; Cryo, cryoglobulins; FLC, free light chains (reference range κ FLC 0.33 to 1.94 mg/dl, λ FLC 0.57 to 2.63 mg/dl, κ/λ ratio 0.26 to 1.65); Hypo, hypogammaglobulinemia; ND, not done, SCr, serum creatinine.