Table 2.

Clinical features of hepatitis-negative patients with MPGN and MGUS

PatientAge (years)GenderBP (mmHg)SCr (mg/dl)CrCl (ml/min)Proteinuria (g/24 h)SPEPSIFEUPEPUIFECryoκ FLC, λ FLC, κ/λ Ratio
177F140/652.0312.4Abnormal fractionλ light chainsNegativeλ light chainsNegative1.76, 4.13, 0.43
259M143/871.6571.5M spikeIgM κNegativeIgM κType IND
354F179/773.1204.3M spikeIgM κNegativeIgM κNegative8.02, 3.49, 2.30
466M173/943.6221.4M spikeIgG κRestricted migrationIgG κNDND
548F165/923.1424.6M spikeIgM κNegativeIgM κNegative4.34, 3.39, 1.28
658F154/805.2111.4Abnormal fractionIgG κNegativeNegativeNegative10.30, 6.77, 1.52
742F142/931.4433.5M spikeIgG λM spikeIgG λNDND
868M150/786.4100.83M spikeIgG λM spikeIgG λNDND
964M150/813.7171.5M spikeIgM κNegativeIgM κNegativeND
1060M92/673.0223.0NegativeIgM κNegativeNegativeNegativeND
1154M160/802.82510.3M spikeIgG κM spikeIgG κND2.060, 2.180, 0.945
1253F130/901.0620.18Abnormal fractionIgG κNegativeNegativeNegative0.99, 1.60, 0.62
1342M153/842.4389.8M spikeIgM κNegativeIgM κNegative2.83, 0.97, 2.97
1442M160/1011.7471.0Abnormal fractionIgG κNegativeκNegative57.50, 2.86, 20.10
1556F145/841.8290.55Abnormal fractionIgM κNegativeIgM κNegative3.22, 1.88, 1.78
1658M140/851.7512.5HypoIgM κNegativeNegativeNegative1.61, 1.45, 1.11
  • CrCl, creatinine clearance; Cryo, cryoglobulins; FLC, free light chains (reference range κ FLC 0.33 to 1.94 mg/dl, λ FLC 0.57 to 2.63, κ/λ ratio 0.26 to 1.65); Hypo, hypogammaglobulinemia; ND, not done; SCr, serum creatinine.