Table 2.

Unadjusted and multivariate-adjusted Pearson correlation coefficient of baseline phosphorus intake and other relevant variables in 224 MHD patients

VariableUnadjustedCase-MixaAdjustedCase-Mix + Dietb + MICSc AdjustedCase-Mix + MICS + Diet + Inflammatory Markers (Full Model)d
    Charlson comorbidity score0.07−0.070.12e0.11e
    log erythropoietin dose0.12e0.16f0.020.03
Nutritional variables
    body mass index0.050.06−0.04−0.02
    triceps skinfold−0.020.04−0.07−0.07
    biceps skinfold−0.050.01−0.11e−0.12e
    midarm muscle circumference−0.07−0.08−0.06−0.06
    near infrared body fat%−
    fat weight−0.010.06−0.01−0.02
    lean (fat- and edema-free) weight0.090.02−0.17f−0.17f
    normalized protein nitrogen appearance (nPCR)
    energy intake0.81g0.81g0.19h0.19h
    protein intake0.88g0.89g0.71g0.72g
    potassium intake0.76g0.75g0.27g0.28g
Predialysis serum chemistries
    prealbumin (transthyretin)−0.000.03−0.020.01
Inflammatory cytokines
    log CRP0.09e0.07−0.07−0.09
    log IL-
    log TNF-α0.00−
  • a Case-mix variables include age, gender, race/ethnicity, diabetes, dialysis vintage, insurance (Medicare), marital status, modified Charlson comorbidity score, dialysis dose (Kt/V), intake of sevelamer HCl or calcium-based binders, and kidney residual urine.

  • b Diet includes calorie, protein, and potassium intakes.

  • c MICS variables include albumin, erythropoietin dose, creatinine, hemoglobin, phosphorus, nPCR, bicarbonate, calcium, ferritin, white blood cell, lymphocyte percent, body mass index, and vitamin D dose.

  • d Full model consists of case-mix variables, diet, MICS, and three inflammatory markers: CRP, IL-6, and TNF-α.

  • e P value 0.20 to 0.05. Correlation coefficient >0.10.

  • f P value 0.05 to 0.01. Correlation coefficient >0.10.

  • g P < 0.001.Correlation coefficient >0.10.

  • h P value 0.01 to 0.001. Correlation coefficient >0.10.