Table 1.

Technical specifications and performance data of the dialyzers

F6HPSPolyflux 6LPolyflux 14S
MaterialPolysulfonePolyamide blendPolyamide blend
Lumen (μm)200215215
Wall thickness (μm)405050
Surface area (m2)
KUF (ml/h per mmHg)a138.662
KoA urea (ml/min)a746736730
Urea clearance (ml/min)a186186186
Creatinine clearance (ml/min)a173167172
Vitamin B12 clearance (ml/min)a10085125
  • KUF, ultrafiltration coefficient; KoA, dialyzer mass transfer area coefficient.

  • a Data from manufacturer's brochures, in vitro clearances at blood flow of 200 ml/min, dialysate flow rate of 500 ml/min, ultrafiltration rate of 0 ml/min, and KUF with blood hematocrit of 32%, protein 60 g/L, and temperature 37°C.