Table 3.

Published reports of FSGS or minimal-change disease after treatment with IFN

SourceIFN TypeIFN IndicationIFN DurationAge (years)GenderRaceRenal PresentationUprot (g/d)Albumin (g/dl)Creatinine (mg/dl)Duration of Follow-upTreated with Prednisone?Clinical Remission?Renal Biopsy Findings
Auerbach et al. (31), 1984αMycosis fungoides2 weeks52FemaleNANS and ARF28.0Hypoalbuminemia4.13.5 monthsNoCRMCD and AIN
Rettmar et al. (32), 1995αCML5 days32MaleWhiteNS17.9NA1.37 weeksNoYesMCD
Nakao et al. (33), 2002βMelanoma4 months64MaleNANS7.72.80.9553 daysNoYesMCD
Nishimura et al. (34), 2002α-2bHCV3 months57FemaleNANS16.81.50.74 monthsYesCRMCD
Dizer et al. (35), 2003αHCV6 months32MaleNANS and ARFNA1.23.35 monthsNoCRMCD
Suresh et al. (36), 2003αHCV27 weeks40MaleNANS2.31.5NA6 weeksYesCRMCD
Kumasaka et al. (37), 2006β-1bMS22 months43FemaleNANS11.41.8NA9 monthsYesCRMCD
Tovar et al. (38), 2008α-2bHCV4 months50FemaleNANS12.41.9Normal (CrCl 98)12 monthsNoCRMCD
Ault et al. (39), 1988γALL19 days12MaleNANS and ARFUA positive2.314.31 monthNoCRFSGS
Traynor et al. (40), 1994α-2aMycosis fungoides11 weeks44MaleNANS and ARF11.0NA8.09 monthsYesPRFSGS
Horowitz et al. (41), 1995α-2bGastric carcinoma5 weeks47MaleBlackNS and ARF42.0NA13.5NANANAFSGS
Coroneos et al. (42), 1996αHCV5 weeks51FemaleNANS and ARF18.01.712.05 monthsYesNoFSGS
Nassar et al. (43), 1998αHypereosin syndrome20 months57MaleBlackNS and ARF4.73NA11.216 monthsNoNoFSGS
Shah et al. (44), 1998αCML4 weeks42MaleBlackNS and ARF7.42.111.412 weeksYesNoFSGS
Shah et al. (44), 1998αCML3 weeks45FemaleBlackNS and ARF7.51.47.120 weeksYesPRFSGS
Dressler et al. (45), 1999αMyeloma4 weeks46MaleBlackNS and ARF7.21.43.84 monthsYesNoFSGS
Willson (46), 2002αHCV1 year55FemaleBlackNS6.31.10.91 yearNoPRFSGS
Couto et al. (47), 2006α-2bHCV4 months44MaleNANS16.51.20.910 monthsYesNoFSGS
Stein et al. (28), 2001αHCV10 weeks57FemaleBlackNS and ARF19.31.49.68 weeksYesNoCollapsing FSGS
Bremer et al. (29), 2003αCML and HCV1 month40MaleNANS and ARF15.90.67.6NAYesNACollapsing FSGS
Kanungo et al. (30), 2009αHCV3 months52FemaleBlackARFNANA9.0NANANoCollapsing FSGS
  • AIN, acute interstitial nephritis; ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia; ARF, acute renal failure; CML, chronic myeloid leukemia; CR, complete remission; CrCl, creatinine clearance; FSGS, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; MCD, minimal change disease; NA, not available; NS, nephrotic syndrome; PR, partial remission; UA, urinalysis.