Table 3.

Comparison of areas identified by >25% of respondents as having provided little or no training or some training but not enough to feel competent and perceived importance of those areas

Little or No Training/Some Training but Not Enough to Feel CompetentSomewhat or Very Important
Care of chronic self-care HD patients66.264.7
Care of chronic home HD patients84.363.9
Care of chronic PD patients44.391.7
Business aspects of practice92.4 to 97.768.4 to 90.2
Genetic renal disease64.683.4
Children with kidney disease97.027.8
Adults with childhood kidney disease74.482.0
Renal complications of pregnancy54.188.7
End-of-life care48.896.2
Clinical pharmacology54.995.4
Acute PD70.060.2
IJ catheter placement33.172.2
PD catheter placement96.310.6
Interventional procedures (HD access)95.530.0
Performance of renal US for biopsy75.948.9
Performance of diagnostic renal US94.741.4
Interpretation of diagnostic renal US87.964.7
Interpretation of other renal imaging studies91.870.7
Interpretation of renal biopsy pathology52.987.2
Performance of clinical research62.569.9
Performance of bench/basic science research80.536.1
Research ethics57.166.2
Obtaining federal research funding80.450.3
Obtaining industry research funding91.752.6
Obtaining foundation or society research funding83.551.2
Interpreting medical literature26.394.8
  • IJ, internal jugular. All values are given in percentages.