Table 2.

Responses to questions regarding training experience in disease diagnosis and management

Little or No TrainingSome Training but Not Enough to Feel CompetentWell Trained
Kidney stones9.027.163.9
Complex hypertension1.514.384.2
Acute GN1.512.885.7
Nephrotic syndrome0.89.889.5
Diabetic nephropathy01.598.5
Other glomerular diseases1.519.578.9
Renovascular disease1.515.882.7
Chronic kidney disease and its complications01.598.5
Electrolyte disorders1.513.585.0
Acid-base disorders1.512.086.5
Genetic renal diseases15.049.635.3
Children with kidney disease76.720.33.0
Adults with childhood kidney disease27.846.625.6
Acute renal failure/acute kidney injury01.598.5
Patients with acute critical illness, sepsis, etc.0.85.394.0
Renal complications of pregnancy7.546.645.9
Primary care related to chronic kidney disease/ESRD patients4.514.381.2
End-of-life care19.529.351.1
Clinical pharmacology11.943.645.1
Nephrotoxicity of drugs2.315.882.0
Renal physiology0.818.880.5
  • All values are given in percentages.