Table 5.

Multivariate Cox regression analysis of risk factors at baseline for all-cause mortality

Models of Patient Survival (n = 34 events)RR95% CIP
[dp-ucMGP], categorized by the median
    model 0a2.85b1.36 to 5.90.006
    model 1c2.49b1.18 to 5.250.017
    model 2d2.26b1.05 to 4.870.036
    model 3e2.20b1.01 to 4.810.048
    model 4f2.11b0.95 to 4.680.066
    model 5g1.57b0.67 to 3.670.298
[dp-ucMGP] entered as a continuous variable
    model 0a1.07h1.03 to 1.110.001
    model 1c1.06h1.02 to 1.100.005
    model 2d1.05h1.01 to 1.100.024
    model 3e1.05h1.00 to 1.100.041
    model 4f1.05h1.00 to 1.090.032
    model 5g1.02h0.97 to 1.080.319
  • RR, risk ratio; CI, confidence interval.

  • a Model 0: unadjusted.

  • b Summarizing the risk of having plasma [dp-ucMGP] > 921 pM.

  • c Model 1: adjusted for age.

  • d Model 2: adjusted for CKD stage.

  • e Model 3: adjusted for hemoglobin levels.

  • f Model 4: adjusted for the aortic calcification score.

  • g Model 5: adjusted for age and the calculated propensity score.

  • h Summarizing the risk of a 100-pM increment in log-normalized plasma dp-ucMGP levels for each model.