Table 3.

P content of selected beverages, mostly as a result of additives (based on 12-oz serving)

Brand NameSpecification/FlavorsP Content (mg)
Contain <10 mg of P per 12-oz servinga
    7 UpAll flavors<10
    Aquafina Essentials(excluding tangerine pineapple)<10
    Barq's Root BeerAll flavors<10
    Dasani WaterAll flavors<10
    FantaMost flavors<10
    FrescaAll flavors<10
    VernorsGinger ale<10
    Lipton Pure Leaf TeasAll flavors<10
    Mello YellowAll flavors<10
    Minute MaidFruit punch<10
    Mountain DewMost flavors (excluding Code Red)<10
    Mug Root BeerAll flavors<10
    Nestea TeaLemon Sweet<10
    PepsiPepsi Natural<10
    Root Beer(excluding Hire's)<10
    Sierra MistAll flavors<10
    SliceAll flavors<10
    SoBe LifewaterAll flavors<10
    SpriteAll flavors<10
    Tropicana TwisterAll flavors<10
    VaultAll flavors<10
Contain >10 mg of P per 12-oz serving
    AMP EnergyAll flavors30 to 207
    Aquafina FlavorsplashAll flavors93 to 128
    Coca-Cola ClassicAll types62
    Diet Coke (Coca-Cola)All types27
    Dr. PepperAll types68
    FantaOrange, red tangerine11
    FruitworksAll flavors53 to 140
    Gatorade and G2All flavors36
    Hawaiian PunchAll flavors260
    Lipton Brisk TeaGreen, lemon, raspberry, sweet tea, no calorie lemon98 to 189
    Lipton Iced Tea (plastic bottled)All flavors98 to 114
    Lipton SparklingAll flavors98 to 104
    Mountain DewCode Red53
    Mr. PibbPibb Xtra, Pibb Zero44
    NesteaDiet lemon, green tea citrus, diet green tea citrus, red tea pomegranate passion, raspberry47 to 71
    PepsiMost colas (except Pepsi Natural)54
    Diet PepsiAll flavors41 to 68
    Propel WaterAll flavors89
    Tropicana Fruit DrinksAll flavors53 to 140
  • Source: Company websites and personal communication with manufacturers.

  • a Most drinks have no P.