Table 1.

Dietary P, protein, and potassium content of selected food items, ranked according to the P-to-protein ratio categories (64,65)

ParameterServing AmountP (mg)Protein (g)K (g)P-to-Protein Ratio (mg/g)Commentsa
P-to-protein ratio <5 mg
    egg whiteb1 large53.6541.4
    pork rinds1 oz2417.4361.4521 mg Na
    orange roughy fish3 oz8719.21544.5
P-to-protein ratio 5 to <10 mg/g
    lamb3 oz∼170∼27.0∼2036.3c
    tuna, canned in water3 oz13921.72016.4
    chicken drumstick1 drum8112.51086.5
    beef (excludes organ meats)3 oz∼160∼23.0∼2207.0c
    ground beef3 oz16521.92587.5
    chicken breast1/2 breast19926.72207.5
    turkey (excludes organ meats)3 oz∼180∼24.0∼3757.5c
    yellow fin tuna3 oz20825.54848.2
    Nepro with Carb Steady (66)8 oz16519.12508.6250 mg Na
    pork sausage2 links445.1∼1248.6
    Novosource Renal (67)8 oz15417.41928.9210 mg Na
    lobster3 oz15717.42999.0
    hotdog on bun, fast foodd1 sandwich9710.41439.3670 mg Na
    pork (excludes organ meats)3 oz∼185∼20.0769.3c
    cod fish3 oz19019.54399.7
    taco, fast food1 small20320.74749.8802 mg Na
P-to-protein ratio 10 to <15 mg/g
    soy protein isolatee1 oz21722.6239.6
    egg substitutee1/4 cup767.520710.1
    salmon, sockeye3 oz23523.231910.1
    crab, bluee3 oz17517.227510.2
    bagel (4″)e1898.713210.2
    cheeseburger, fast foodd,f1 sandwich16215.419410.5601 mg Na
    bolognaf2 slices928.617910.7417 mg Na
    cottage cheese, 1% milkfatf1/2 cup15114.019410.7
    halibut3 oz24222.749010.7
    tuna, canned in oil3 oz26524.817610.7
    tempeh1/2 cup17115.830510.8
    rainbow trout3 oz22620.637511.0
    tofu, rawe1/2 cup23919.929912.0
    beef jerky1 large piece816.611812.3438 mg Na
    peanut butter, chunkye1 tbsp513.911913.1
    swordfish3 oz28621.631413.2
    whole egg1 large846.36713.3
    frankfurter, beef and porkd1 frank725.17514.1f504 mg Na
    frankfurter, beef1 frank725.17014.1513 mg Na
    peanut butter, smoothe1 tbsp574.010414.3
    lima beanse1/2 cup1057.347814.4
    soybeans, cookede1/2 cup21114.344314.7
P-to-protein ratio 15 to <25 mg/g
    peanutse1 oz1016.718715.1
    baked beans with frankse1/2 cup1358.730515.5557 mg Na
    edamame1/2 cup2846.128415.6
    black beanse1/2 cup1207.630615.8
    ricotta cheese, part skimf1/2 cup22514.015416.1
    kidney beanse1/2 cup1257.735716.2
    pinto beanse1/2 cup1257.737316.2
    chicken liver1 liver794.85216.5
    cream cheesef1 tbsp150.92016.7
    soymilke4 fl oz593.416917.4
    Camembert cheesef1 wedge1327.57117.6
    bleu cheesef1 oz1106.17318.0
    lentilse1/2 cup1788.936620.0
    mozzarella cheesef1 oz1497.42720.1
    Munster cheesef1 oz1336.63820.2
    cheddar cheesef1 oz1457.12820.4
    Swiss cheesef1 oz1617.62221.2
    almondse24 nuts1376.04823.0
    walnutse14 halves984.31825.0
    American cheesed,f1 oz1456.320022.8
    egg yolkb1 large652.612522.8
    adzuki beans1/2 cup1938.761222.2
    feta cheese, Persian1 oz9640.01824.0
P-to-protein ratio >25 mg/g
    biscuit, egg, sausage, sandwich, fast foodd,g1 biscuit56220.026828.1
    milk, low fat (2%)1 fl cup2298.136628.3
    pecanse20 halves792.611630.4
    half and half1 tbsp140.442031.8
    cashewse1 oz1394.316032.3
    tahini2 tbsp2205.112443.1
    sunflower seeds3 tbsp3706.227259.7
    liquid nondairy creamerd1 oz190.3063.3
  • For more information on the nutrient content of foods, search the USDA food composition database.

  • a The quantitative sodium content is mentioned for high-sodium foods (>400 g of sodium per serving).

  • b P-to-protein ratio of egg varies considerably: Whole egg 13.4; egg yolk 24.7; egg white 1.4 mg/g.

  • c Values vary for cut of meat; average provided.

  • d Product contains phosphate additives (see text).

  • e P from nuts, seeds, and grains is ≤50% bioavailable than phosphorus from other sources (see text) (9).

  • f See also Table 4 for the role of additive in the variation of P content of various cheese types.

  • g High in sodium.