Table 3.

Measures of facility effect after sequentially adjusting for patient and facility characteristics

ParameterTotal Variance in AVF use (Explained), %Within-Facility Variance in AVF Use (Unexplained), %Between-Facility Variance in AVF Use (Unexplained), %Median Odds Ratio [95% CI]a
Model 1: random facility intercept092.47.61.65 [1.52 to 1.78]
Adjusting for patient characteristics
Model 2: model 1 + patient demographics10.382.67.11.66 [1.54 to 1.79]
Model 3: model 2 + patient comorbid conditions11.381.67.11.66 [1.53 to 1.79]
Model 4: model 3 + “other” patient case-mix factors14.578.37.21.69 [1.57 to 1.82]
Adjusting for facility characteristics
    Model 5: model 4 + facility characteristics14.778.96.41.64 [1.46 to 1.76]
  • a Interpretation of the median odds ratio: for two randomly selected patients with the same case-mix but dialyzed in two different, randomly selected facilities, the ratio of the odds that one patient will have a fistula to the odds that the second will have a fistula.