Table 2.

Patients' self-reported knowledge

QuestionRating, %
How informed are you in regards to your medical condition and how your medical condition will change over time?
    1 Very/Somewhat uniformed
    2 Unsure7.6
    3 Very/Somewhat informed5.8
How do you see your health in the next 12 months?
    1 Worsening slightly17.9
    2 No Change52.1
    3 Improving29.7
Do you know what palliative care is?
    1 Yes12.3
    2 Unsure14.4
    3 No69
Do you know what a hospice is?
    1 Yes22.1
    2 Unsure22.3
    3 No49.5
  • Where data were missing, percentages were calculated out of the total number of study patients (N = 584).