Table 2.

Crude and adjusted OR for association of hyponatremia with fracture occurrence

ModelOR95% CIP
1a2.861.66 to 4.94<0.001
2b2.061.14 to 3.650.02
3c2.061.15 to 3.710.02
4d2.251.24 to 4.090.01
  • a Unadjusted.

  • b Adjusted for age (years) and T-score.

  • c Adjusted for age (years), T-score, and CKD stage.

  • d Adjusted for age (years), T-score, CKD stage, osteoporotic risk factors (amenorrhea, low dietary calcium intake, high alcohol intake, maintenance steroids, ever having smoked, family history of osteoporosis, and history of liver disease), and osteoporosis treatment (use of calcium, vitamin D, antiresorptive therapy, and hormonal replacement therapy).