Table 5

Average sodium intake and adjusted averaged variables associated with overall and cardiovascular mortality in Cox proportional-hazard regression

Overall MortalityCardiovascular Mortality
βPHR (95% CI)βPHR (95% CI)
Age-, gender- and BMI-adjusted
    Sodium intake, g/d−0.690.030.49 (0.27∼0.93)− (0.11∼0.87)
    Age, yr0.030.0011.04 (1.01∼1.06)
    Sodium intake, g/d−0.830.040.44 (0.20∼0.95)−2.19−1.300.0030.11 (0.03∼0.48)
    MAP− (0.95∼0.99)−0.310.050.32 (0.11∼0.84)
    Alb, g/dl−0.27<0.0010.76 (0.69∼0.83)<0.0010.73 (0.64∼0.84)
    Hb, g/l−0.030.0030.97 (0.95∼0.99)
  • CI, confidence interval.

  • a Adjusted for age, gender, BMI, DM, and CVD history, average MAP, Hb, Alb, Ca × P, LDL, Kt/V, and creatinine clearancer