Table 2.

Results from univariable and multivariable linear regression analysesa of 6-mo change in β2M in HDF patients

DeterminantUnivariable RegressionMultivariable Regression
Bb95% CIB95% CI
Gender (male)1.3−2.0 to 4.6
Age (per 10 yr)0.2−0.9 to 1.3
History of cardiovascular disease2.5−0.7 to 5.71.9−1.3 to 5.2
Diabetes mellitus2.7−1.0 to 6.31.7−2.1 to 5.5
Dialysis vintage (per yr)−0.4−0.9 to 0.2
Body mass index (per kg/m2)0.0−0.3 to 0.3
Arteriovenous fistula0.2−3.5 to 3.9
Convective volume (per L/treatment)0.1−0.3 to 0.60.3−0.2 to 0.7
Dialysis frequency (per session/wk)−6.3−12.7 to 0.1−3.7−10 to 3.0
GFR (per ml/min/1.73 m2)0.90.5 to 1.4c0.90.4 to 1.5c
Serum albumin (per g/dl)−0.2−0.7 to 0.2
  • a Adjusted for participating center.

  • b The regression coefficient (B) reflects the change in β2M levels between baseline and 6 mo. Positive values of B indicate smaller decreases in β2M during the study period.

  • c P < 0.001.