Table 3.

Multivariable model of survival in the derivation cohort (n = 449 patients with complete data, 103 died)

VariableaHR95% CI
SQ, not surprised versus surprised2.711.75 to 4.17
Albumin (HR expressed for a 1-U increase)0.270.15 to 0.50
Age (yr; HR expressed for a 10-yr increase)1.361.17 to 1.57
PVD, yes versus no1.881.24 to 2.84
Dementia, yes versus no2.241.11 to 4.48
  • a The age range for model development was 16 to 92; albumin range was 1.7 to 5.0. This model should not be applied to cases with ages or albumin values beyond these ranges. Albumin values <3.0 were recoded to 3.0 and values >4.5 were recoded to 4.5 for the model derivation.