Table 1.

Demographic and dietary factors by quintile of DASH score by cohort

FactorHPFS (n = 1049)NHS I (n = 1277)NHS II (n = 1100)
Age (years)626364656566656766684849505150
BMI (kg/m2)26.926.326.325.825.326.827.226.727.326.028.227.727.126.726.3
History of kidney stones (%)675763546276727166627468635256
History of hypertension (%)373733413252495247442225192422
History of diabetes (%)436997111211943665
Thiazide use (%)789101013161717191516161611
DASH score components
    fruit (servings/d)
    vegetables (servings/d)
    nuts (servings/d)
    low-fat dairy (servings/d)
    red and processed meats (servings/d)a1.
    whole grains (servings/d)
    sweetened beverages (servings/d)a0.
  • Values are means unless otherwise indicated. Q, DASH score quintile.

  • a In constructing the DASH score, higher intakes of these components received lower scores.