Table 1.

Main clinical and laboratory characteristics at baseline in patients with idiopathic MN

Age (years)48.612.92980
Disease duration (months)29.739.74144
Failed prior immunosuppressive therapy1155.0
Histology stage (I to IV)
    I to II315.0
    II to III840.0
    III to IV210.0
Tubulointerstitial fibrosisa
Urinary protein excretion (g/24 h)
Serum creatinine (mg/dl)
Creatinine clearance (ml/min per 1.73 m2)72.433.230156
  • a Interstitial fibrosis is graded as 1+ (mild, occupying <25% parenchyma), 2+ (moderate, occupying 25% to 50% parenchyma), and 3+ (severe, occupying >50% parenchyma).