Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of HIV+ individuals cared for at the CCC, 1998 through 2005

Nnon-AA n (%)AA n (%)P
24681648 (66.7%)820 (33.2%)
    men19441385 (84%)559 (68%)<0.001g
Median age (years)a246838390.45h
Median creatinine (mg/dl)24680.91.0<0.001h
Median weight (kg)246876750.77h
Median BMI (kg/m2)211225250.15h
Median calculated eGFRb2468101107<0.001h
eGFR ≥60 ml/min per 1.73 m21601 (97%)774 (94%)<0.001g
eGFR <60 ml/min per 1.73 m247 (3%)46 (6%)<0.001g
ESRD (ICD-9 Code)c2468Yes2 (0%)7 (1%)0.004g
HIV risk group: IDU2468Yes199 (12%)162 (20%)<0.001g
Median absolute CD4 count (cells per mm3)d2387350304<0.001h
Median HIV-1 RNA VL (copies per milliliter)e2330571816844<0.001h
Median serum albumin (g/dl)24644.44.1<0.001h
HAART at baseline2468Yes761 (46%)235 (29%)<0.001g
HAART use before baseline1472Yes160 (18%)73 (12%)<0.004g
ACEI/ARB at baseline2468Yes78 (5%)47 (6%)0.29g
Comorbid conditionsf
    OI before baseline2468Yes209 (13%)89 (11%)0.19g
    cardiovascular disease2468Yes77 (5%)47 (6%)0.26g
    diabetes mellitus2468Yes109 (7%)72 (9%)0.052g
    hypertension2468Yes369 (22%)278 (34%)<0.001g
    hepatitis C2468Yes145 (9%)124 (15%)<0.001g
    anemia2468Yes219 (13%)155 (19%)<0.001g
  • N is the number of nonmissing values. Percentage (%) values follow the frequencies of the events n for HIV+ AAs and HIV+ non-AAs. P is for the differences between AA and non-AA groups. OI/ADE, opportunistic infection/AIDS-defining event; IDU, intravenous venous use; ACEI/ARB, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor/angiotensin receptor blocker.

  • a The median age at the first valid creatinine measurement.

  • b eGFR calculated using the CKD-EPI equation (10).

  • c ESRD diagnoses at baseline defined by ICD-9 coding.

  • d Absolute CD4 count reported as cells per mm3.

  • e HIV-1 RNA reported as copies per milliliter.

  • f Comorbid conditions at baseline defined by ICD-9 coding.

  • g Pearson test used.

  • h Wilcoxon test used.