Table 4.

Regression Modeling of eGFR Slope

Parameter EstimateSEPParameter EstimateSEP
Predictor Variables
    averaged UP/Cr (transformed)a−6.4020.502<0.0001−2.1090.239<0.0001
    baseline eGFR−0.0120.0060.065−0.0260.004<0.0001
    age at baseline eGFR−0.0170.0130.194−0.0250.0070.001
    averaged systolic blood pressure0.0090.0120.4570.0020.0080.815
    averaged diastolic blood pressure−0.0410.0170.015−0.0040.0110.687
Number of observations included108322
R2 value for model0.6770.248
Adjusted R2 value for model0.6610.236
  • eGFR was calculated using the chronic kidney disease epidemiology collaboration equation. Averaged values were calculated by taking the average of all values in the window −6 months from baseline eGFR to date of last eGFR.

  • a Averaged UP/Cr was transformed before analysis by taking the 4th root (9,11).