Table 1.

Characteristics of participating centers

CharacteristicsRenal Ventures Management, LLCSatellite DialysisDCI
Organizational characteristics
    profit status of dialysis organizationFor profitNot for profitNot for profit
    size of dialysis organizationSmallSmallMedium
    years in operation of dialysis organization10+30+28
    number of participating facilities within organization192447
Facility characteristics and policies
    unit size range (number of patients)57 ± 21 (range 15 to 68)61 ± 27 (range 11 to 201)78 ± 48 (range 10 to 155)
    location of participating facilitiesTexas, New Jersey, Iowa, West Virginia, AlaskaCalifornia, TexasAlabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee
    percent of facilities
        with staff member dedicated to anemia management9410082
        with staff member dedicated to vascular access management9410065
        with full-time physician assistant working in unit1205
        with full-time nurse practitioner working in unit608
        employing “wave” technique of staggered run start times for patient scheduling644342
        with after-hour capacity to treat patients35628
        with dialysis machines featuring online clearance calculations354446
        with dialysis machines featuring continuous blood volume monitoring35018
        with explicit policy that sets maximum ultrafiltration rate647552
        with private room for patient interviews/assessments1005773
        with beds allowing for supine dialysis1208
        reporting use of computers on wheels6755
        that standardize day of week labs are ordered948195
        that develop patient educational topic of the month655645
        offering formal programs in health maintenance (e.g., smoking cessation, diabetes management, obesity management)3075
        offering formal programs for intradialytic exercise24195
        with formal process for monitoring and tracking immunizations9410084
        with formal process for monitoring and tracking lipid panels876990
        with formal process for monitoring and tracking hemoglobin A1c levels888883
        that report offering formal orientation tours to new patients948265
Respondent characteristics
    total number of staff surveys completed96120207
    age of respondents43 ± 1145 ± 1146 ± 11
    gender of respondents (% male)18%18%19%
    tenure of respondents (years)6.0 ± 5.77.7 ± 7.66.5 ± 5.9
  • The study included data from 90 dialysis facilities across three organizations, including Renal Ventures Management, LLC; Satellite Dialysis; and DCI.