Table 1.

Summary of findings of several investigators at this conference

  • Maintain euvolemia (increased use of extra sessions, nocturnal or quotidian dialysis)

  • Excellent BP control (predialysis systolic BP < 130/80), using ACEI/ARB as first line agents where needed

  • Monitor for LVH/LVMI with an echocardiogram or MRI (no contrast) Q 12 to 24 months

  • Manage calcium/phosphorus to a low predialysis phosphorus, if possible, and a PTH of less than 500 pg/ml (or 1.5 to 2 times normal); replete Vitamin D where possible; controversy over Ca-containing vs. non-Ca-containing Phosphate binders at present

  • Hematocrit to guidelines

  • Avoid catheters

  • Improved nutrition

  • LDL cholesterol to <100 mg/dl, <70 in patients with documented coronary artery disease

  • Cautious use of beta blockers for low ejection fraction systolic failure

  • Passive resistance exercise where feasible

  • Stay tuned for evidence of benefit of aldosterone blocking agents on myocardial fibrosis/sudden death

  • ACEI, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors; ARB, angiotensin II receptor blockers; LVH, left ventricular hypertrophy; LVMI, left ventricular mass index; PTH, parathyroid hormone.