Table 3.

Histomorphometric parameters of bone turnover, mineralization, and volume in patients grouped according to conventional nomenclature a

ABDMild to Moderate HPTSevere HPTNormal Values
Parameters of bone turnover (T)
    Activation frequency (yr−1)0.27 ± 0.11b0.89 ± 0.32c1.67 ± 0.20d0.49 to 0.72
    Bone formation rate/bone surface (mm3/cm2 per yr)1.66 ± 0.66b4.53 ± 1.94c8.67 ± 2.30d1.80 to 3.80
Parameters of bone mineralization (M)
    Osteoid thickness (μm)8.56 ± 0.65b12.5 ± 3.54c14.2 ± 4.02c<20
    Mineralization lag time (days)47.5 ± 24.6b56.0 ± 40.0b30.4 ± 11.7b<50
Parameter of bone volume (V)
    Cancellous bone volume/tissue volume (%)20.3 ± 6.50b26.9 ± 7.12b24.5 ± 11.3b16.8 to 22.9
  • a Results are expressed as mean ± SD. Results with the same letter are not statistically different; one-way ANOVA with Bonferroni post hoc test.