Table 4.

Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses determining presence of LVH

VariableUnivariate AnalysesMultivariate Analyses
EDV/BSA (per ml/m2)1.081.04 to 1.130.0011.061.04 to 1.08<0.001
Mean Ca × PO4 (per mmol2/L2)1.371.01 to 1.870.041.741.17 to 2.570.006
Mean pre-HD SBP (per mmHg)1.021.01 to to 1.040.01
Age (per year)0.990.99 to 1.020.70
Gender (male versus female)1.550.91 to 2.650.11
BMI (per kg/m2)0.960.89 to 1.030.27
HD duration (per year)1.010.85 to 1.200.88
Ischemic heart disease1.340.67 to 2.600.38
Diabetes1.200.69 to 2.600.52
Chronic heart failure0.880.28 to 2.720.82
Cerebrovascular disease2.760.96 to 6.930.09
Peripheral vascular disease0.830.29 to 2.420.74
Hypertension0.710.30 to 1.700.45
UF volume (per L)1.260.95 to 1.660.11
URR (per %)1.060.91 to 1.230.45
Mean post-HD SBP (per mmHg)0.990.97 to 1.020.55
Mean pre-HD DBP (per mmHg)0.980.95 to 1.010.21
Mean post-HD DBP (per mmHg)1.010.98 to 1.040.49
Mean pre-HD PP (per mmHg)1.021.01 to 1.050.05
Mean post-HD PP (per mmHg)0.990.97 to 1.010.47
Ejection fraction (per %)0.950.88 to 1.030.21
ESV/BSA (per ml/m2)0.930.85 to 1.020.12
Mean hemoglobin (per g/dl)0.860.60 to 1.230.41
Mean adjusted Ca (per mmol/L)1.610.35 to 7.480.54
Mean serum PO4 (per mmol/L)2.101.00 to 4.290.06
Mean albumin (per g/dl)1.000.96 to 1.050.91
Mean PTH (per pmol/L)0.990.99 to 1.010.54
  • BMI, body mass index; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; PP, pulse pressure.