Table 1.

Sequence and schedule of CRIC Study clinic visits/contacts and proceduresa

ScreeningBaseline6 mo12 mo18 mo24 mo30 mo36 mo42 mo48 mo54 mo60 mo
Type of contactVisitVisitPhoneVisitPhoneVisitPhoneVisitPhoneVisitPhoneVisit
Informed consent
Medical record consent
Contact information
Labs: creatinine, glucose
Demographic information
Eligibility confirmation
Medical history
Genetic blood sample
Labs: CBC, metabolic panel, lipids
24-h urine
Anthropometric measures
Ankle brachial index
Bioelectric impedance assessment
Nail clippings
EBT or MDCT (one third subcohort)
Iothalamate-GFR (one third subcohort)
Pulse wave velocity
Physical assessment
KDQOL quality of life (43)
Diet History Questionnaire (44)
Mini Mental Status Exam (45)
MDRD Symptom Index (46)
Beck Depression Inventory (47)
Physical Activity (48,49)
Kansas City Questionnaire (50)
Recent medical history
  • a CBC, complete blood count; CRIC, Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort; EBT, electron-beam tomography; MDCT, multidetector computed tomography; MDRD, Modification of Diet in Renal Disease; KDQOL, Kidney Disease Quality of Life.