Table 5.

Univariate and multivariate Cox regression model on patient survivala

VariableUnadjusted RR for DeathAdjusted RR for Death
Age at PD initiation (per year)1.071.04 to 1.09<0.00011.061.03 to 1.09<0.0001
Gender (female reference)0.590.32 to 1.080.09
Comorbidity grade (per increase in 1)2.351.52 to 3.630.00011.741.06 to 2.850.02
Diabetes1.560.85 to 2.760.15
Albumin baseline (for each 1-g/L increase)0.930.87 to 0.980.010.9870.92 to 1.060.72
Pcl (for each 10-ml/d increase)1.111.05 to 1.120.00091.091.01 to 1.180.02
D/Pcr1.110.098 to 12.4600.930.420.04 to 5.070.5
BMI (kg/m2)0.990.93 to 1.050.69
24-h urine volume (for each 100-ml increase)1.000.99 to 1.000.16
Peritoneal Kt/V1.040.39 to 2.810.93
PP1.010.998 to 1.030.09
  • a CI, confidence interval; RR, relative risk; PD, peritoneal dialysis; BMI, body mass index; PP, pulse pressure.