Table 4.

Main clinical features and radiological abnormalities found in the 46 cases of EPS diagnosed in Scotland 2000-2007

Clinical Features (Most cases had >1)NImaging Findings (US or CT scan) (some cases had >1)N
Abdominal Pain30Ascites33
Vomiting28Septate/loculated ascites22
Weight Loss24Peritoneal thickening14
Ascites15Peritoneal calcification11
Elevated Inflammatory Markers14Bowel obstruction3
Bowel Obstruction11Matted/tethered bowel10
Hypoalbuminaemia10Dilated Small Bowel4
Unexplained Anaemia10
Bloody Ascites/Dialysate4
Abdominal Mass4
  • EPS, encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis.