Table 2.

Comparison of previous and current epidemiological studies of EPS

Nomoto et al. Japan 1996Rigby et al. Australia 1998Lee et al. Korea 2003Kawanishi et al. Japan 2001Kawanishi et al. Japan 2004Summers et al. UK 2005Brown et al. UK (current study)
Number of EPS Casesa6254 (46)31174827 (23)46
Dates of Study1980–19941980–19941981–20021999–20011999–20031998–20032000–2007
Study DesignRetrospective Multi-centerRetrospective Multi-centerRetrospective Multi-centerProspective Multi-centerProspective Multi-centerRetrospective Single-centerRetrospective Multi-center
Denominator Populationb692373743888221619588101638
Overall Rate0.9%0.7%0.8%0.8%2.5%3.3%2.8%
Mean PD Exposure (yrs)
Mortality (over study period)43.5%56%25.8%35%37.5%29.6%56.5%
  • EPS, encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis; PD, peritoneal dialysis.

  • a Those meeting ISPD 2000 criteria in brackets.

  • b Prevalent + incident PD patients.