Table 7.

Comparison of the incidence of all events between the iopamidol and iodixanol groups with CIN as effect modificationa

ParameterSCysC IncreaseSCr Increase ≥0.3 mg/dl
Iodixanol with CIN
    adjusted IRR2.
    95% CI1.2 to 5.91.3 to 7.30.9 to 5.51.1 to 8.5
Iodixanol without CIN
    adjusted IRR0.
    95% CI0.4 to 2.10.4 to 2.30.3 to 1.80.5 to 2.9
Iopamidol without CIN
    adjusted IRR0.
    95% CI0.3 to 1.70.3 to 1.80.2 to 1.20.3 to 1.8
Iopamidol with CINReferenceReferenceReferenceReference
  • a IRR comparing the patients who had acute kidney injury with iopamidol based on test of interaction between contrast agent and status of CIN in Poisson regression model, adjusted for age, gender, diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, CAD, and left ventricular ejection fraction at the beginning of follow-up period.

  • b P value from interaction term in Poisson regression analysis.