Table 4.

Comparison of the incidence of AEs in CIN versus non-CIN groups by various CIN definitions (n = 294)a

CIN DefinitionScysC IncreaseSCR Increase ≥0.3 mg/dl
All AEs
    adjusted IRR2.
    95% CI1.1 to 3.60.9 to 3.31.0 to 3.91.3 to 3.8
Major AEsc
    adjusted IRR2.
    95% CI0.9 to 5.10.8 to 4.50.3 to 3.21.1 to 8.7
  • a Incidence rate ratio (IRR) comparing those with CIN and those without CIN from Poisson regression model. CI, confidence interval.

  • b P value from Poisson regression analysis.

  • c Major events: Death, stroke, myocardial infarction, and ESRD requiring dialysis.