Table 2.

Factors associated with peritoneal equilibration test (PET) ultrafiltration volumesa

Factorr ValueP Value
Sodium in ultrafiltrate0.9972<0.0001
D4-h/P sodium−0.25750.0002
24-h peritoneal dialysis ultrafiltration0.23990.0005
D4/D0 glucose0.23130.0008
Serum albumin−0.21280.0020
D4/P creatinine−0.19660.0043
D2/P sodium−0.16080.0206
Serum sodium−0.15130.0292
  • a Dialysate (D) and plasma (P) values. Extracellular water (ECW) and total body water (TBW) were corrected to 1.73 m2. The sodium in the ultrafiltrate was the difference between the sodium instilled and that recovered at the end of the PET.

    D4-h/P sodium, 4-h PET dialysate to plasma sodium ratio; D4/P creatinine, 4-h PET dialysate to plasma creatinine; D4/D0 glucose, 4-h PET dialysate glucose to initial dialysate.