Table 2.

Logistic regression model examining association between ADMA and prevalent CVDa

ParameterORb95% CIP
Unadjusted1.411.16 to 1.700.0005
    model 11.341.09 to 1.640.0060
    model 21.341.08 to 1.660.0080
    model 31.311.05 to 1.620.0170
  • a Model 1 adjusted for age, gender, and race; model 2 adjusted for tobacco, history of diabetes, DBP, LDL, HDL, CRP, and BMI in addition to variables in model 1; model 3 adjusted for GFR and proteinuria in addition to variables in model 2. CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.

  • b ORs are per 1 SD of ADMA (0.25 μmol/L).