Table 2.

Univariate analyses for the predictors of total pill burden, adherence to phosphate binders, serum phosphorus, and quality of life in study cohort

Total Pill Burden (n = 233)Physical Component Summary Scale (n = 224)Mental Component Summary Scale (n = 224)Adherence to Phosphate binders (n = 217)Serum Phosphorus (n = 233)
Center<0.001Age<0.001−0.26Dialysis vintage0.020.15Pill burden from P-binder0.01−0.19Pill burden from P-binder0.010.16
Previous transplant0.04Charlson's co-morbidity index<0.001−0.34Phosphorus0.030.15Albumin0.020.16PTH0.010.18
Dialysis vintage0.0030.20Total number of medications0.001−0.22Bicarbonate0.05−0.13Bicarbonate<0.001-0.26
Total number of medications<0.0010.64Total pill burden0.02−0.15Kt/V - in center HD0.004-0.21
Calcium (corrected)0.04−0.13Albumin<0.0010.32Mental Component Summary scale0.030.15
Albumin0.01−0.16Kt/V - in center HD0.0030.22
Kt/V - in center HD<0.001−0.33