Table 4.

Some endovascular stents in the treatment of vascular access stenosis

Sheath Size
Wallstent (Boston Scientific; Natick, MA)Stainless steel (bare stent)Self-expanding6-16 mm7-9 French
Zilver stent (Cook; Bloomington, IN)Nitinol (bare stent)Self-expanding4-14 mm5-6 French
E-Luminexx Stent (Bard Peripheral; Covington, GA)Nitinol (bare stent)Self-expanding4-14 mm6 French
S.M.A.R.T. Control Stent; (Cordis, Miami Lakes, FL)Nitinol (bare stent)Self-expanding5-14 mm6-7 French
Fluency (Bard Peripheral; Tempe, AZ)Nitinol Covered with PTFE materialSelf-expanding6-10 mm8-9 French
Wallgraft (Boston Scientific; Natick, MA)Stainless steel Covered with Dacron materialSelf-expanding6-14 mm10-12 French
Viabahn (W L Gore; Flagstaff, AZ)NitinolSelf-expanding5-13 mm7-12 French
Covered with PTFE material
Sentinol (Boston Scientific; Natick, MA)Nitinol (bare stent)Self-expanding5-10 mm6 French
Protege (EV3; Plymouth, MN)Nitinol (bare stent)Self-expanding6-14 mm6 French
Paramount (EV3; Plymouth, MN)Stainless steal (bare stent)Balloon expandable5-8 mm6-7 French
Express (Boston Scientific; Natick, MA)Stainless steal (bare stent)Balloon expandable6-10 mm6-7 French
Valeo (Bard Peripheral; Tempe, AZ)Stainless steal (bare stent)Balloon expandable6-10 mm6-8 French
Palmaz Genesis (Cordis, Miami Lakes, FL)Stainless lessBalloon expanding∼3-25 mm4->12 French