Table 5.

Five-YearActuarial Patient and Kidney Graft Survival Rates in Patients Surviving with Kidney Function at One Year: Influence of PAK

12-Month SurvivorsnUnadjusted Kidney Graft Survival (%)Patient Survival (%)
SPK, P-25272.481.8
SPK, P- (PAK)11981.287.6
LD KA41975.985.6
LD KA (PAK)48583.0c89.6
DD KA34469.180.2
DD KA (PAK)17676.087.2
SPK, P+648683.1b93.6ab
  • a P = 0.03 versus DD KA (PAK), P = 0.005 versus LD KA (PAK), P = 0.02 versus SPK,P- (PAK), P < 0.0001 versus all non-PAK groups.

  • b P = 0.0001 versus SPK, P-, LD KA, and DD KA.

  • c P = 0.006 versus LD KA.

    No other significant differences between groups, PAK versus no PAK.