Table 4.

Multivariate Analysis of Risk Factors for Graft and Patient Survivala

HR Graft Loss (95% CI)HR Death (95% CI)
SPK, P+1.01.0
SPK, P-1.64 (1.31–2.05)b2.66 (1.98–3.57)b
DD KA1.63 (1.28–2.06)b2.05 (1.48–2.83)b
LD KA1.51 (1.22–1.88)b1.98 (1.47–2.67)b
  • a Included significant variables in stepwise backward regression: Recipient age, recipient race, pretransplant dialysis time, delayed graft function, acute rejection, 0HLA mismatch, PAK status, transplant era (>2000).

  • b P < 0.001 for all comparisons