Table 4.

Clinical presentations of the most common biopsy diagnosesa

Clinical PresentationAKIan (%)CKI n (%)NS n (%)AKI + NS n (%)Prot n (%)Prot and Hem n (%)Total n (%)
Pauci-immune GN32(82)5(12.8)2(5.1)39(100)
Hypertensive nephrosclerosis2(13.3)10(66.7)3(20)15(100)
FSGS secondary to HTN/aging12(75)1(6.2)3(18.8)16(100)
IgA nephropathy7(46.7)4(26.7)2(13.3)1(6.7)1(6.7)15(100)
Membranous nephropathy2(13.3)10(66.7)1(6.7)1(6.7)1(6.7)15(100)
Myeloma cast nephropathy8(88.9)1(11.1)9(100)
  • a Biopsies with multiple diagnoses are excluded.

  • bAKI, acute kidney injury; CKI, chronic-progressive kidney injury; NS, nephrotic syndrome; Prot, proteinuria; Hem, hematuria; GN, glomerulonephritis; FSGS, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; MCD, minimal change disease; HTN, hypertension.