Table 2.

Renal biopsies with two major diagnoses in the very elderly

Clinical PresentationFirst DiagnosisSecond Diagnosisn
Acute kidney injury (AKI)Diabetic GSCTIN1
Diabetic GSAcute tubular necrosis1
Diabetic GSHypertensive nephrosclerosis1
Diabetic GSIgA nephropathy1
Hypertensive nephrosclerosisAcute interstitial nephritis1
Hypertensive nephrosclerosisAtheroembolic disease2
Hypertensive nephrosclerosisAcute tubular necrosis2
Myeloma cast nephropathyLight chain deposition disease1
Secondary FSGS due to solitary functioning kidneyAcute tubular necrosis1
IgA nephropathyAtheroembolic disease1
Chronic-progressive kidney injuryDiabetic GSTMA associated with malignant HTN1
Diabetic GSFSGS secondary to HTN/aging1
Diabetic GSHypertensive nephrosclerosis1
Hypertensive nephrosclerosisAcute tubular necrosis1
NSG-smoking relatedAtypical lymphocytic infiltrate/chronic lymphocytic leukemia1
CTINPauci-immune GN1
Nephrotic syndromeDiabetic GSHypertensive nephrosclerosis1
FSGS secondary to HTN/agingTMA associated with malignant HTN1
AKI and nephrotic syndromeDiabetic GSAcute postinfectious GN1
MCDTMA of unknown etiology1
ProteinuriaFSGS secondary to HTN/agingMCD1
Proteinuria and hematuriaDiabetic GSPauci-immune GN1
  • FSGS, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; HTN, hypertension; TMA, thrombotic microangiopathy; CTIN, chronic tubulo-interstitial nephropathy; MCD, minimal change disease; NSG, nodular sclerosing glomerulopathy.