Table 1.

Renal biopsy diagnoses by clinical presentation in the very elderlya

Acute Kidney Injuryn(%)Chronic-Progressive Kidney Injuryn(%)Nephrotic Syndromen(%)Acute Kidney Injury and Nephrotic Syndromen (%)Proteinurian (%)Proteinuria and Hematurian(%)
Pauci-immune GN32 (33)FSGS secondary to HTN/aging12 (24)Membranous nephropathy10 (34.5)MCD5 (25)HTN nephrosclerosis3 (25)Membranous nephropathy1 (50)
Myeloma cast nephropathy8 (8.2)HTN nephrosclerosis10 (20)Amyloidosis8 (27.6)Pauci-immune GN2 (10)FSGS secondary to HTN/aging3 (25)Amyloidosis1 (50)
Acute interstitial nephritis7 (7.2)Pauci-immune GN5 (10)MCD3 (10.3)Primary FSGS1 (5)NSG-smoking related2 (16.6)
IgA nephropathy7 (7.2)IgA nephropathy4 (8)IgA nephropathy2 (6.9)Membranous nephropathy1 (5)Membranous nephropathy1 (8.3)
Acute tubular necrosis5 (5.2)CTIN4 (8)Primary FSGS1 (3.4)IgA nephropathy1 (5)IgA nephropathy1 (8.3)
Atheroembolic disease4 (4.1)Membranous nephropathy2 (4)Diabetic GS1 (3.4)Diabetic GS1 (5)Amyloidosis1 (8.3)
Granulomatous INb4 (4.1)Diabetic GS2 (4)Lupus nephritis1 (3.4)Myeloma cast nephropathy1 (5)MCD1 (8.3)
Diabetic GS3 (3.1)NSG-smoking related2 (4)Idiopathic MPGN1 (3.4)Amyloidosis1 (5)Total12 (100)Total2 (100)
CTIN3 (3.1)TMA2 (4)NSG-smoking related1 (3.4)MPGN secondary to HCV-associated cryoglobulinemia1 (5)
Acute postinfectious GN3 (3.1)MPGN (1 idiopathic and 1 HCV-associated)2 (4)Immunotactoid GN1 (3.4)Acute postinfectious GN1 (5)
Anti-GBM nephritis3 (3.1)Primary FSGS1 (2)Light chain deposition disease1 (5)
Primary FSGS2 (2.1)LCFS1 (2)FSGS secondary to HTN/aging1 (5)
Amyloidosis2 (2.1)FSGS secondary to HTN/smoking1 (2)FSGS secondary to HTN/smoking1 (5)
HTN nephrosclerosis2 (2.1)Urate nephropathy1 (2)Proliferative GN with monoclonal IgG3 λ1 (5)
Oxalate nephropathy2 (2.1)End stage kidney1 (2)Cortical necrosis secondary to thromboembolism1 (5)
Exudative GN NOS2 (2.1)
Lupus nephritis1 (1)Total50(100)Total29 (100)Total20 (100)
MPGN secondary to essential cryoglobulinemia1 (1)
LCFS1 (1)
Anti-TBM nephritis1 (1)
NSG-smoking related1 (1)
Pyelonephritis1 (1)
Arteritis1 (1)
Inadequate1 (1)
Total97 (100)
  • a Patients with multiple diagnoses are presented separately.

  • b GS, glomerulosclerosis; FSGS, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; NOS, not otherwise specified; MPGN, membranoproliferative GN; LCFS, light-chain Fanconi syndrome; TBM, tubular basement membrane; NSG, nodular sclerosing glomerulopathy; HTN, hypertension; TMA, thrombotic microangiopathy; MCD, minimal change disease; CTIN, chronic tubulointerstitial nephropathy; GBM, glomerular basement membrane; IN, interstitial nephritis.