Table 3.

Weighted average SBP and DBP effect sizes for various cohort stratifications

TypeaEstimated Effect Size (mmHg)
Estimate95% CI
Systolic Blood Pressure
    severe anemia/lower target (n = 7)R−9.63−17.60 to −1.66
    moderate anemia/lower target (n = 2)F−1.72−4.65 to 1.21
    moderate anemia/higher target (n = 4)R−10.83−30.70 to 9.04
Diastolic Blood Pressure
    severe anemia/lower target (n = 7)R−4.04−9.66 to 1.58
    moderate anemia/lower target (n = 2)F−1.86−3.62 to −0.09
    moderate anemia/higher target (n = 4)R−4.34−10.14 to 1.47
  • a F, fixed effects estimate; R, random effects estimate.