Table 3.

Treatment courses and outcomes of rituximab therapy for secondary MNa

ReferenceRituximab Treatment DoseConcomitant TherapyFollow-Up PeriodComplete Remission (definition per study, otherwise proteinuria ≤0.3 g/24h)Partial Remission (definition per study, otherwise ≥50% reduction in proteinuria with proteinuria <3.5 g/24h)Mean Percent Reduction in Proteinuria
Ratanatharathorn et al. (2003)375 mg/m2 once weekly × 4Methylprednisolone and sirolimus9 mo0/11/1−73%
Fra et al. (2003)375 mg/m2 once weekly × 4IV cyclophosphamide 20 mg/kg every 28 d × 3, oral prednisone, ACE-I12 mo1/10/1−92%
Rao (2005)375 mg/m2 once weekly × 4Prednisone 1 mg/kg/d, ACE-I or ARB6 to 12 mo0/22/2−71%
Srinivasan et al. (2005)Not reportedPrednisone, plasma exchange, IV IgNot reported0/21/2Not reported
Jacobson et al. (2006)375 mg/m2 once weekly × 4Prednisolone, IV cyclophosphamide 0.5 g/m2 × 236 mo1/10/1−100%
Reddy et al. (2006)Not reportedMethylprednisoloneNot reported1/10/1−96%
Terrier et al. (2007)Not reportedACE-I, corticosteroids, cyclosporine (3.5 mg/kg/d tapered down to 1 mg/kg/d)26 mo0/10/1−33%b
Pansini et al. (2007)375 mg/m2 once weekly × 4ACE-I24 mo1/10/1−98%
Ferrannini et al. (2008)375 mg/m2 once weekly × 4Not reported7 mo1/10/1Not reported
Troxell et al. (2008)Not reportedNot reported6 to 28 mo4/40/4Not reported
Pixley et al. (2008)1 g × 2, on days 1 and 15; repeated at 6 moAzathioprine 100 to 150 mg/d49 wk0/11/1−64%
  • a IV, intravenous.

  • b The small decrease in proteinuria may be principally due to a steep decline in CrCl during this time, from 57 to 23 ml/min, as evidenced by no significant change in serum albumin levels (from 1.7 to 1.6 g/dl).