Table 4.

Odds ratio calculation for the standing balance portion of the SPPBa

ParameterRenal FailurebHeart Failure (OR, CI)COPD (OR, CI)High CV Risk (OR, CI)
Body mass index10.31 (0.10,0.90)0.25 (0.09,0.70)0.22 (0.09,0.54)
Whole body lean mass by DEXA10.32 (0.11,094)0.24 (0.09,0.66)0.22 (0.09,0.53)
Whole body percent fat by DEXA10.26 (0.09,0.78)0.21 (0.07,0.60)0.18 (0.07,0.46)
  • a The models are also adjusted for age, gender, and race. OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.

  • b Renal Failure is the reference group. The model probability is the tendency to not complete the balance test, so an odds ratio <1 indicates better performance as compared with Renal Failure patients.