Table 2.

Renal features and treatment at baseline and at the end of follow-up

PtAt RTX Initiation (Baseline)CD19 + Depleted M1F-Up MAfter RTX (End of Follow-Up)Response M12/End
Pu (g/d)/Alb (g/l)/eGFR (ml/min/1.73 m2)KBISPu (g/d)/Alb (g/L)/eGFR (ml/min/1.73 m2)KB Date/ResultIS
13/27/120IVG(10/0)Cs (0.5)-233/17/107M14:IVG + V (3/1)Cs (0. 2) MMFNR/NR
2a5/28/74IVG + V(10/1)Cs (1)b HCQ+480.3/37/135M26:IVS + V (1/4)Cs (0.1) HCQNR/CR
35/19/71IVS + V(6/7)Cs (0.1)b HCQna200.2/31/119Cs (0.1) MMF HCQPR/CR
404/11/58IVG + V(8/8)Cs (0.3)b MMF-13na/28/HDM2:IVG (8/10)Cs (0.1) CYP (4)HD/HD
5a5/24/105IVScCs (1)b+211/36/83Cs (0.1)PR/PR
6a6/26/52IVG + V(11/6)Cs (1)b+370,5/40/82M37:III (0/3)Cs (0.2)PR/CR
70.5/40/150IVS(6/2)Cs (0.3) MMF+420/40/154M16:III + V (2/1)Cs (0.1) AZA HCQPR/CR
89/14/16IVG(10/8)Cs (0.6)b-21na/14/HDCs (0.2)HD/HD
9a7/20/46IVS(11/4)Cs (1)b HCQ+510.5/34/52M5:IVS (2/8)Cs (0.1)PR/PR
103/28/HDIVGcCs (1)b CYP (4)na31na/35/HDCs (0.1)HD/HD
113/20/HDIVG(13/6)Cs (1)b CYP (4)na31na/35/HDCs (0.2) AZA HCQHD/HD
121.5/29/47IVG(7/3)Cs (1)b CYP (3)+170/46/77Cs (0.2) MMF HCQCR/CR
13a5/23/66VdCs (0.7)b HCQ+194/25/65Cs (0.4) HCQ MMFNR/NR
149/19/102VCs (0.2) MMF HCQ-1205/11/88Cs (0.1) CSA HCQNR/NR
15a4/26/127VdCs (0.5)b+330/35/122AZACR/CR
16a8/18/133VdCs (1.5)-10e4/24/53M3:III + V (8/0)Cs (0.5) CYP (2)NR
18a11/20/90IVG + V(7/4)Cs (0.25)+271/35/102M13:IVG + V (5/6)Cs (0.06) HCQPR/PR
197/23/9IVcCs (1)b HCQ+141.6/37/16M7:IVG (9/8)Cs (0.4) HCQ MMFPR/PR
20a25/22/26IVG + V(8/6)Cs (1.2)+241/35/52Cs (0.2) MMFPR/PR
  • Pt, patient; RTX, rituximab; IS; immunosuppressive therapy; Pu, proteinuria; Alb, albuminemia; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; KB, kidney biopsy; M1, one month after RTX initiation; F-up, follow-up; M, months; Cs, corticosteroids; Cs(X), dose of oral Cs in mg/kg/day; HCQ, hydroxyhloroquine; MMF, mycofenolate mofetil; CYP, cyclophosphamide; AZA, azathioprine; CSA, cyclosporine A; KB interpretation: S, segmental; G, global; (activity index /24; chronicity index /12); na, not available; NR, absence of renal remission; CR, complete renal remission, PR, partial renal remission; HD, haemodialysis.

  • a RTX maintenance therapy.

  • b High-dose intravenous corticosteroid injection.

  • c Kidney biopsy specimen not available for blinded reading.

  • d Kidney biopsy performed more than 3 months before RTX initiation.

  • e Deceased.