Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of 20 patients treated with rituximab (RTX) for a lupus nephritis (LN)

Pt/Gender (Age) EthnicitySLE/LN duration (years)SLE Extrarenal ManifestationsComplement/ AntiDNA at inclusionPrevious IS TherapyRTX Indication
1/F (24) W2/1S, H, Se, GS↓ / +Cs CYP (5) MMF HCQRf
2/F (20) W7/3S, A, Se, H↓ / +Cs CYP (4) AZA HCQRf
3/F (27) W2/2S, A, APL, HN / +Cs CYP (3) MMF HCQ MTXRf
4/M (23) B6/2S, A, APL, N, Se↓ / +Cs CYP (7) MMF AZA HCQRf
5/F (33) As1/1F, A, H, M↓ / +Cs CYP (6) MMFRf
6/F (20) W9/5S, A, H↓ / +Cs CYP (3) MMF AZA MTXRl
7/F (18) B2/1F, S, A, H↓ / +Cs CYP (6) MMFRf
8/F (27) B1/0S, A, Se, H↓ / +Cs CYP (3)Rf
9/F (19) W8/6Ad, Hep, Ret, HN / +Cs CYP (12) MMF HCQRl
10/F (31) W4/4A, Se, PE, H↓ / +Cs CYP AZARl
11/F (23) B8/5S, A, H↓ / naCs CYP (6) AZA HCQRl
12 /F (28) As0/0S, Se, TMA, Sp↓ / +1st
13/F (24) B12/12A, Se, H↓ / +Cs CYP (8) AZA HCQRl
14/F (37) B1/1F, S, N, PE, HN / +Cs HCQRf
15/F (35) W4/4F, S, A, CT, H↓ / +Cs; CYP (9) MMF AZARl
16 /F (17) B2/2F, S, H, A, Se↓ / -Cs MMF HCQRf
17/F ( 21) W1/1APLN / +1st
18/F (22) As5/4A, H, Ad, Sp↓ / +Cs CYP (7) MMFRf
19/F (32) W3/1S, A, H↓ / -Cs CYP (4) MMF HCQ MTXRf
20/F (31) As8/8S, A, N, En↓ / +Cs MMF AZARf
  • Extra-renal manifestations in bold: active manifestation at the time of RTX initiation. Therapy in bold: taken in the 3 mos before RTX. Age is in years. Pt, patient; F, female; As, Asian; B, black ethnicity; W, white ethnicity. SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus. S, cutaneous manifestation; H, haematological manifestation; Se, serositis; GS, Gougerot Sjögen disease; A, arthritis; APL, antiphospholipid syndrome; N, neurological manifestations; F, fever; M, myositis; Ad, adenomegalia; Hep, hepatitis; Ret, retinitis; PE, pulmonar embolism; TMA, thrombotic microangiopathy; Sp, splenomegalia; CT, cerebral thrombophlebitis; En, endocarditis; Complement = C3 and C4 levels: ↓, low; N, normal; Anti-DNA: anti-dsDNA antibody level: +, positive (above laboratory positivity level); -, negative; IS, immunosuppressive; Cs, corticosteroids, CYP, cyclophosphamide; CYP (X), cumulated dose of CYP in grams; MMF, mycofenolate mofetil; HCQ, hydroxyhloroquine; AZA, azathioprine; MTX, methotrexate; Rf, refractory disease; Rl relapsing disease; 1st, first line treatment for LN.