Table 2.

Updated meta-analysis of hypertension adverse events in controlled trials including recent trials

StudyPopulationLow Hb Target, Events/Patients at RiskHigh Hb Target, Events/Patients at RiskRelative Weight in Analysis, %Relative Risk (RR)RR 95% CI
Low Hb Target (approximately 10 g/dl) versus High Hb Target (approximately 14 g/dl)
Brandt 1999 (88)Pediatric predialysis, hemodialysis CAPD5/238/212.70.57(0.22 to 1.47)
Parfrey 2005 (41)Adult hemodialysis110/300120/29659.20.90(0.74 to 1.11)
Drueke 2006 (5)Adult predialysis59/30289/30029.50.66(0.49 to 0.88)
Rossert 2006 (93)Adult predialysis22/19526/1958.60.85(0.50 to 1.44)
    subtotal, fixed effect model P = 0.008196/820243/8120.81(0.69 to 0.95)
    subtotal, random effects model P = 0.0190.80(0.66 to 0.96)
  • Meta-analysis performed by the authors. The Besarab et al. (Table 1) and Roger et al. (25) trials are excluded since hypertension AE data by study arm were not reported in the publications, although such data have been cited by others. Meta-analysis was performed employing both fixed effect and random effects models using standard software (Comprehensive Meta-Analysis, Version 2, Biostat, Englewood, NJ).