Table 1.

Previously reported meta-analysis of hypertension adverse events in controlled trials as reported by Strippoli et al. (21)

StudyPopulationLow Epo Target or No Epo, Events/Pts at riskHigh Dose Epo, Events/Pts at riskRelative Weight in Analysis, %Relative Risk (RR)RR 95% CI
Low Hb Target (∼10 g/dl) versus High Hb Target (∼14 g/dl)
Brandt 1999 (88)Pediatric predialysis, hemodialysis CAPD5/238/2127.600.57(0.22 to 1.47)
Besarab 1998 (7)Adult hemodialysis116/618112/61572.401.03(0.82 to 1.30)
    subtotal121/641120/636100.00.92(0.59 to 1.45)
No Epo treatment (Hb∼9.5g/dl) versus Epo treatment (Hb > 10g/dl)
Abraham 1990 (89)Hemodialysis2/42/410.711.00(0.25 to 4.00)
Canadian 1990 (90)Hemodialysis3/4010/3813.220.29(0.08 to 0.96)
Revicki 1995 (91)Predialysis4/4011/4316.080.39(0.14 to 1.13)
Clyne 1992 (28)Predialysis3/88/1217.930.56(0.21 to 1.50)
Bahimann 1991 (94)Hemodialysis5/4615/5319.170.38(0.15 to 0.98)
Teehan 1990 (27)Predialysis6/3120/6822.880.66(0.29 to 1.48)
    subtotal23/16966/218100.00.50(0.33 to 0.76)
  • Meta-analysis reported in Strippoli et al. (21). Table adapted by permission of publisher. Events reflect those requiring Epo discontinuation or escalation of antihypertensive regimen. The event values Strippoli et al. used for Epo arm in the Teehan/US Recombinant Trial differ from those reported in the primary publication: 20 patients experienced a HTN AE out of 86 patients in that arm. The primary publication of the Besarab trial did not provide hypertension AE data. The source(s) of the above Besarab data are unknown. All trials permitted escalation of hypertension medications. CAPD, chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.