Table 3.

Univariate Cox proportional hazards regression model for progression of CKD

VariableUnits of IncreaseHR95% CIχ2P
Age1 yr1.010.99 to
eGFR10 ml/min/1.73 m20.780.63 to 0.962.270.02
Ca X P1 mg2/dl21.020.99 to 1.061.540.12
Fibrinogen10 mg/dl1.040.99 to
CRP1 mg/L0.990.95 to
uNGAL10 ng/ml1.041.02 to 1.055.20<0.0001
sNGAL10 ng/ml1.021.01 to 1.033.610.0003
Proteinuria100 mg/24 h/1.73 m21.030.99 to 1.040.850.39
  • HR, hazard ratio; CI, confidence interval; Ca X P, calcium phosphate product; CRP, C-reactive protein; sNGAL, serum NGAL; uNGAL, urinary NGAL.