Table 4.

Resident perception (in percentage) of indications for nephrology referral stratified by chronic kidney disease clinic experience and in-house nephrology fellowship program

Resident characteristics and responsesCKD clinic experienceIn-house nephrology fellowship
Resident characteristics
    PGY1 (n = 166)117487391
    PGY2 (n = 187)116708896
    PGY3 (n = 126)84424581
    Total (n = 479)317160206268
    Female gender43.041.80.81240.044.10.379
    International medical training58.081.9<0.000184.052.6<0.0001
    University hospital setting43.247.50.37514.667.5<0.0001
Indications for nephrology referral
    significant proteinuria (> 1 g/g)43.546.20.57445.643.70.669
    fast progression of CKD (from eGFR 70 to 50 in 1 yr)
    uncontrolled BP despite use of four antihypertensives65.362.50.54859.267.90.051
    hyperkalemia due to medications23.330.60.08627.224.60.529
    eGFR < 30 ml/min/1.73 m291.885.00.02290.388.80.603
    bone and mineral disorder of CKD44.845.60.86444.744.80.980
    anemia of CKD27.130.00.51130.126.50.388
    dialysis setup at eGFR 15-30 ml/min/1.73 m257.461.20.42360.258.20.664
  • PGY, postgraduate year; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate.