Table 4.

Knowledge needs for CKD management that should be supported by a CDS system (comanagement of a patient with CKD by a general internist and a consulting nephrologist)

Clinical taskKnowledge need
Identify patient as having CKDCKD screening guidelines for patients with varying risk factors for CKD
Patient-specific screening recommendations
Stage patientsCKD stages and criteria for staging
Diagnose primary causeAlgorithms for working up patient with CKD to identify primary cause
Establish co-management plan between primary care clinician and nephrologistInformation required by nephrologist from primary care clinician
Information required by primary care clinician from nephrologist
The clinician who is responsible for specific aspects of the patient's care (e.g., hypertension or hyperlipidemia management)
Manage comorbid conditions (hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes)Algorithms for managing comorbid conditions
Patient-specific care recommendations with regard to these conditions
Monitor progression of CKDCKD monitoring guidelines
Patient-specific monitoring recommendations
Plan for permanent vascular accessPermanent vascular access planning guidelines
Patient-specific planning recommendations
Establish and implement patient education plan, adjusting for literacy and languageCKD patient education guidelines
Patient-specific educational priorities and educational materials
Identify reasons for patient non-compliance with management plan and adjust management accordinglyPatient-specific reasons for non-compliance