Table 2.

Results of a search for applications of clinical decision support (CDS) for the management of CKD

Search strategyStudies/applications retrievedArea of decision support addressed by study/application
Search for published literature search (1966 to 2007)Galanter et al. (2005)/24Preventing medication errors in individuals with renal disease
Nash et al. (2005)/25
Rind et al. (1994)/26
Oppenheim et al. (2002)/27
Abstracts presented at the American Society of Nephrology and American Medical Informatics meetings (2006-2007)Oppenheim et al. (2002)/27CDS for primary care providers; includes guidelines for referral and management
Gray literature for CDS applications in CKDaInferMed Ltd./29AREZZO/anemia management
Raghavan et al./30Darwin/dialysis
Gamewood Inc./31Gamewood/wide range of CKD management issues
Allscripts/32Allscripts/limited range of CKD management issues
  • a This list is not a comprehensive list of all CDS applications available. AREZZO decision support technology is based on the PRO forma language and method, and can be used for designing and executing computerized clinical guideline applications.